Rossware has invested in dedicated hardware, set in a cloud configuration. This environment makes use of multiple physical pieces of hardware to provide reliable, uninterupted service.

Comprised of multiple Dell Rackmount servers, each with redundant NICs, power supplies, CPUs and RAM, multiple separate gigabit switches, a Dell iSCSI SAN (which itself has redundant power supplies, controllers, and network cards), and two separate Uninterruptable Power Supplies, Rossware's Server Solution is a product we can whole-heartedly endorse.

On top of that, we've installed VmWare's private cloud software, allowing us to partition physical hardware into multiple private machines, each having a protected and reserved amount of CPU and RAM resources, along with an independant, private and secure virtual hard disk.

Unlike traditional shared hosting solutions, VPS instances do not compete against each other for resources. So, a spike in usage for one user does not mean a decrease in performance for others.

Rossware offers you a base level VPS, with options to build on.

To start, we reserve 4GB of ram for your usage, and provision RAM Bursting.  This latter means, if your VPS momentarily needs more RAM, it will typically be made available automatically (although, unlike the reserved memory, this burstable memory is shared, and so cannot be 100 percent counted upon).

You'll also get 100GB of disk storage, and 8 processing cores with allocation of 1,000 MHz from each.

Of course, this is all useless without a connection to the outside world, so to top it off we provide a 10 mbs connection.

As an added bonus, we offer Microsoft Office installed by default, as well as the licensing necessary for your remote desktop connections (these are not elements in standard VPS hosting solutions).

Our base system covers 5 users and is $249/mo, $199 setup. Options include:

  • $149 to fully install ServiceDesk on your server, transfer data from old system, etc. (it's something you can and should do on your own, but if you prefer for us to handle it, this is the fee)
  • $10 per user setup within SD (again: easily done on your own, but if you want us to handle, it's an option)
  • $8/mo for each added GB of Reserved RAM*
  • $7/mo for each added 50GB disk space*
  • $5/mo for each added 1,000MHz of processor usage
  • $30/mo for each block of 5 added users
  • $75/hr after-hours reconfiguration fee.*

It is our recommendation that each user be alloted at least 400 megabytes of ram. Our base system will run the initial 5 users comfortably, however, adding beyond that initial amount, you may experience issues if you do not also increase the available ram.

* -- Reconfiguration can be done during normal office hours without fee; however, there will be downtime while the reconfiguration takes place.