Scenario 5 allows your customers to go on-line to check the status of their repair -- instead of calling your office. 

They can do this via what's called a cold-visit, where they simply browse to your website and, via menu options, find the place to check on their job. 

Or they can check via hot-visits, where you send them an email that contains a hyperlink to accommodate their ability to make a direct, single-click inquiry, anytime they might wish.  An example would be as follows::

Valued Customer:

We are sorry our technician was unable to complete your repair today.  Please be assured, here at the office, we'll be doing all we can to expedite a fast turnaround.

In this regard, we invite you to use an on-line tool we've developed that allows you to check on the status of your job at any time and any place.  You can do so for any job that you've booked through us by going direct to our website (, or (for a faster path on this particular job) just click on this link:


The staff at XYZ Appliance Repair

Please try the link above, and you can sample the kind of experience this mechanism makes available to your customer.