The intent in Scenario 6 is to provide, for the consumer who's expecting a technician at her door, something very much like what UPS and FedEx offer in terms of "tracking a shipment."  You know, when you're anxious for a shipment, how much it helps to be able to see its progress.  We want to provide the same thing for your consumer, in respect to her tech's progress.  (Again, unlike Scenarios 1 through 4, this one is not yet ready, but you can expect it soon.) 

Present thinking is that, after a consumer confirms her appointment (see Scenario 4), automated machinery will generate an email something like this:

Thank you for confirming your appointment for tomorrow (Thurs, 11/15), with expectation for your tech to arrive between 11 and 2:00. 

If during the day tomorrow you'd like to see how your technician is running, you're welcome to use our "Tracking Your Technician" tool.  To do so, just click on this link:

Thanking you for the opportunity to serve


The Staff at XYZ Appliance Repair.

Please try this link and see what kind of interface we're presently contemplating for presentation to your consumer.