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Providing a demo for a product like ServiceDesk is slightly challenging, because the real system contains several elements that are customized for the particular client -- meaning that for you to get a good sense for the system -- with a hands-on, semi-working type of product (but not truly made for you) is not easy.  A nice, video type of demonstration would be nice, but the bulk of our energies have gone into actual product, leaving little left over for that kind of development.   What we've done instead is to create a self-running, slideshow type of demonstration. 

Since this demo uses genuine ServiceDesk program code (along with a significant sample data set), the needed installation package is not tiny.  Especially if you have a slow dial-up connection, it might be easiest if we just send you a CD.  This is something we're delighted to do; just call, fax or email with your request.  If, on the other hand, you can't wait for snail mail, you may download the demo from here. 

Download ServiceDesk Demo
(last updated 7/14/02, 6 megabytes)

While the download/installation process is easy, if you need instructions, here they are:

1.    Click where it says "Download ServiceDesk Demo."  In the dialog box which then appears, select "Save this program to disk." 

2.    After that selection, you'll see a "Save As" box that asks you to specify a location for the downloaded file.  Typically, it's easiest if you specify your own computer's "Desktop" (this way the resulting icon will appear right there after the download, where it's easiest to find). 

3.    After you've completed the download, locate the downloaded file (simply an icon on your desktop if you downloaded it there).  It will be labeled "SdDemo.exe".  Double-click on it to run.  For the rest of your work (which is not much), just follow the prompts as they are presented. 

6.    If any of this sounds too hard, forget it.  Just let us send you the CD.