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--- F E E D B A C K ---

Here's a sampling of comments that have been emailed to us:

"I love your program.  It's everything I hoped it would be."  Angie Babb, Johnny's Appliance Service, Holdenville, OK

"All I have to say about the program so far is WOW! . . . Oh Glade, you have created quite a program.  I have only scratched the surface but am so 'sold' that it's not funny . . . I have never really liked over use of th eword 'awesome' but I cannot think of a more appropriate word for ServiceDesk."  Nils Andersson, Andersson Appliance Service, Des Moines, WA (in a succession of emails during the first couple of weeks after first receiving his package)

"I just do not know what I would do without ServiceDesk.  It is a great program, helps make my work days much easier.  The display map plays a big role in getting the office organized for the day.  Also saves on paper work.  Thanks so much."  Kim Elrod, Crown Air Mechanical, San Antonio Texas

"Are we impressed. . . Just want to thank you for making our lives simpler with your wonderful software."  Rod and Laurie Murdock, Alpha Company, Kodiak Alaska

"Out of all the packages that I have tested (a three year process), your call sheet and dispatch map 'process flow' is by far (leaps and bounds) the most intuitive, comprehensive and well thought out process I have seen . . . As it currently stands, [XXX] is not match for ServiceDesk, not even close."  Robert Gracie, Gracie Appliance, Glen Burnie Maryland

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help the last few weeks.  I have been staying up late 6 nights a week for 3 weeks trying to comprehend what I am seeing in your program.  It was tough.  But last night I had a real breakthrough in understanding what it is all about.  I almost wept (just kiddin').  No, really, I am beginning to see the beauty of the system!  Before I had separate schedule, billing and database programs with absolutely no linking whatsoever.  Now I can see the magic of how it all integrates, the simplicity, the awesome capabilities.  I am one very happy camper."  David Hinton, D.B.H. Appliance Repair, Dyer Indiana

"I tell you what, this program is phenomenal.  It's going to revolutionize my business.  I'm so excited."  Nate at A-Nova, Fairfax, VA

"Having used ServiceDesk for around 6 months, I have found it to be a well written program that has definitely made the day to day tediums of scheduling, dispatching and maintaining service calls a much smoother operation.  The only way that I feel the program can be eclipsed is by the excellent service that Glade Ross and his staff give before and after the purchase.  Highly recommended."  Stephen J. O'Connor, Parts Manager, Gulgren Appliance, Crystal Lake, IL

"Even though I am a one man and one woman (my wife) operation, ServiceDesk has been instrumental in making our processes efficient.  We service a large area so scheduling calls for time efficiency is important.  The DispatchMap solve this problem instantly.  Since I service about 2000 appliance/year, keeping up with inventory and history is key.  Using ServiceDesk's inventory control, 88 % of the time I show up at a client's house I have the part on my truck.  Using the history function you cannot believe the client's comments when they call you and you input their name and Wala, their history shows up and you say "Oh yes, we installed a heating element in your dryer and replaced the disposal."  They really like that personal touch!  One last key point, I really like the fact that Glade takes input from his users and incorporates changes into ServiceDesk.  He and his users help develop ServiceDesk into a tool that is customized to MY business -- so I do not have a software that "tells" me how to run my business.  I have a software that we control how it will best work for us!"  Mike and Tara Maloney, Alpha Omega Appliance Service, Georgetown, TX

In addition to the above, we've heard many comments over the telephone such as "awesome," "incredible," "outstanding," "unbelievable," "I don't know how we ever lived without it," "I'm completely amazed with the efficiency at which this program runs,"  and "I can't even imagine writing a service call by hand now; I'd cringe."

In contrast to the above, we have received almost no commentary on the negative side.  The little bit that has occurred has been via telephone only, and in virtually every case has been for one of two reasons.  (1) Like any major software, ServiceDesk offers and does so much that it takes some genuine initial effort (in spite of maximal ease in each of its processes) to mine and comprehend its depths.  For this reason, some buyers have found the initial familiarization process a bit overwhelming (even this difficulty has since been largely eased via new efforts designed to address it).  (2) Some would-be clients have found that the fit, between its design and their own particular needs, is not adequately close.  In virtually every such case, it was a company that did not do service calls as its primary mode of business, or that if it did had a very specialized, non-typical means of doing so.  

Is ServiceDesk right for you?  

If you like to automate things, if you're lazy in the sense of wanting to avoid repetitive, mundane things that a machine is capable of doing, yet at least a little energetic in the sense of being willing to put out some effort to accommodate the first kind of laziness; if you're not afraid of technology and change; if you're not too old (or set in your ways) to learn new tricks and skills; if you're willing to cope with some momentary complexity for the ultimate sake of much greater simplicity; and if your mode of business operation and needs do not depart radically from what's typical for any business that primarily performs service calls -- all these factors would weigh heavily in favor of answering yes.  

If, on the other hand, you have difficulty comprehending things that are new; if your business needs are very set and significantly different from what is typical for a service-call performing operation; if you're so wrapped up in daily operations as to be unwilling (or unable) to invest the energy (and even emotional cost, in some instances) that's involved in making a fundamental change for the better -- these factors would weigh against answering yes.  

Only you can ultimately answer.  But remember, ServiceDesk is sold (because of our money-back guarantee) essentially on a trial basis.  Thus, if you feel the answer is more probably yes than no, there is little risk in venturing further.  

At any rate, for all who've taken the plunge, we welcome further commentary for inclusion on this page.  Please, just send to

Thank you.  TempTest