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Software shoppers are often anxious to see what some of the screen images look like within a product they're considering.  Thus, we'd like to immediately show you several such images from ServiceDesk, but there's a difficulty.  The problem is, ServiceDesk makes very intensive use of your computer's monitor -- even to the extent of requiring its high-resolution XGA video mode.  This makes for excellent informational display when the software is actually running, but sadly, it's all but impossible to decently duplicate such images from within a mere web browser. 

Fortunately, there's another way.  The following links will load Abobe .pdf documents that each include a succession of ServiceDesk screen images, with explanations, and so on (requires Acrobat Reader, which you probably have regardless).  If viewed on-screen, the images will still be poor and muddled, but if you print any of these documents to a reasonable quality printer, the result should look pretty good (especially if printed to a good quality inkjet printer, to get the full-color effect). 

The down side is these documents contain a lot of data, and will require a while to download if you're using a mere dial-up connection.  Oh well; there's a price for everything. 

Highlights of a job's progression, start to finish
5 images, 2 megabytes

A few venues that are used for peripheral work
5 images, 2 megabytes