Rossware's Virtual CC Terminal

Rossware clients no longer have any need to purchase (or lease) credit card terminals.  Nor is there any need, once it's known within a Rossware application that a credit card transaction needs to run, to enter amount and ticket data to a separate interface, run it there, then enter back reference number, etc.  Instead, it's all perfectly integrated into a single, seamless sequence and context -- just as it should be.

Here's an image of our Virtual Terminal interface:

Adding to the above-described benefits, you can get the very lowest charge rates possible, by swiping customer's cards -- with investment in a basic swipe device that can be purchased for as little as $32. 

And, by identifying yourself as a Rossware client when contacting Merchant Warehouse, you can get the very lowest-possible merchant rates (in all likelihood, significantly less than you're now paying) -- with no setup cost, no contract, and either no or very moderate monthly fees. 

For more details, please either call, or consult our Virtual Terminal Handbook.  Ready to get signed up? Fill out the form below to have a representative from Merchant Warehouse contact you!