To demonstrate how terrific SmartParts is, we'll be delighted to provide you with 30-days free use.  The only qualification is, we'd like you to tentatively register as a client (don't worry, we never lock you in, and we even remind beforehand of the need to cancel when and if needed to avoid charges).   There are two ways you can get the setup: 

(a)  We'll mail you the CD.  For most people, this is probably easiest, and you'll have the most recent, updated and improved material to work with (the download as here provided may not be thoroughly up-to-date).  Please, just contact us (use telephone, email or postal mail), and ask for the mailing; 


(b)  You may download the setup, and printout the registration form from here.  The benefit of this approach is it's relatively immediate.  The drawbacks are that it's slightly more complicated than just using a CD, and if your connection is slow dialup, it's going to take FOREVER (probably two hours).  Also, the download will not always be completely current.   

Whatever your preference as to method of installation, please try this product.  You won't believe how good it is. 

Download SmartParts
(Version 1.7, last updated 12/27/05, 12 megabytes)

Printout a Registration Form

If you want specific instructions for setting-up SmartParts via download, we suggest printing this page.  Instructions are as follows:

1.  While you could download the file, then unzip it locally, it's going to be just about as fast if you "open" it from here.  Thus, just click where it says "Download SmartParts," then select "Open".  There's likely to be a long pause (very long if your connection is slow dial-up), following which a box will come up that's labeled "Winzip Self-Extractor."  Click on the "Unzip" button, then simply follow each of the indicated prompts.  At the conclusion of this, SmartParts will be installed on your machine. 

2.  Now it's time to run SmartParts.  To do so, click on the "Start" button in your Windows Taskbar, select programs, and in the listing you should now see an item labeled "SmartParts."  Select that item and SmartParts should begin running. 

3.    At this point, SmartParts will prompt you for an "Authentication Code" (needed to enable functionality).  To get this, you'll need to fax us a registration form (or call and we can do it via telephone).  To get the form, click above where it says "Printout a Registration form."  After it's displayed, you may print the form locally.  Then, simply fill it out and fax to us.  We'll promptly fax back your authentication code.  You can then type it in and, wala, should immediately begin experiencing the delights of this great system.  

4.    If this sounds too hard, forget it.  Just call (or email) and ask us to send you the CD.