Detailed Download Instructions -- SmartParts

1.    Click on the file you want to download.  In the dialog box which then appears, select "Save this program to disk." 

2.    After that selection, you'll see a "Save As" box that asks you to specify a location for the downloaded file on your local machine.  Typically, it's easiest if you specify your machine's "Desktop" as the target location.  This way, the resulting icon will appear right on your desktop after the download, and can be accessed easily from there (alternatively, you may specify any folder that's wanted, but remember you'll need to locate the file, after the download, to run the unzip routine from it). 

3.    After you've completed the download, you may exit from your web browser.  Next, locate the downloaded file (simply an icon on your desktop, assuming you downloaded it to there), then double-click on it to run it.  Now you'll see a dialog box titled "WinZip Self-Extractor."  The appropriate folder* for the unzipped file should already be in the selection box, and a button (labeled "Unzip") should already be highlighted.  Thus, you can simply hit Enter on your keyboard to complete the work.  (If a warning box pops up reading "Can't create output file," it's probably because the target program is presently running; close SmartParts then try again; if you still have trouble, re-start your computer then try again.)

4.    If you have more than one computer using SmartParts (and have it installed independently on each), you should update the others too.  For this purpose, simply run the update utility again (i.e., double-click on the icon for that downloaded file, which preferably [again] you've placed on your desktop).  Only, in this case, when you see the "WinZip Self-Extractor" dialog, you'll have to change what's in the text area labeled "Unzip to Folder."   Specifically, you must there specify the appropriate folder (for the unzipped update) on any other computer where it needs installed.  Click on the "Browse" button to locate the appropriate folder within any such other computer, then click the "Unzip" button as before.  Repeat for each station that needs updated (note, this is not needed if you've installed on just one machine and are using at other stations via the network). 

5.   Now that you're ostensibly done, you should make sure it worked.  Specifically, make sure each station actually has the intended update.  To to this, run SmartParts, and click on the button where it says "About SmartParts."  Now notice if the reported data date corresponds with what you intended to download and install (if not, consider whether you unzipped to the correct folder or not).  Repeat for each station. 

6.    After the updates are complete, you should delete the downloaded update file (no use cluttering your workspace; it's work is done).  Do this by right-clicking on its icon (again, probably on your desktop), then select "delete."  

7.    Congratulations.  You did it!