We're located in the state of Washington on the south end of Puget Sound (about 100 miles from Seattle).  We are a Microsoft Certified Partner. 

Telephone numbers:
360-427-6000 (standard)
800-353-4101 (we pay the toll)
email link:
Physical address:
11 E. Church Point Dr.
Shelton, WA 98584

Our clients consist of small to medium-size service companies that are engaged, typically, in the business of appliance repair, HVAC service, pool and spa service, electronics, plumbing, electrical, or garage door repair.  We cater to any company whose primary mode of operation is performing service calls.  Our clients range in size from one-man shops to companies with as many as 50 trucks. 

We produce a suite of software products, each designed to help our clients run their businesses more efficiently, easily, profitably -- and with a lot more fun.  Here's a basic list.

ServiceDesk:  Our main product, this software manages all the fundamental operations of a service office, from call-taking and call-management, to scheduling, dispatch, job-management, inventory control, accounts receivable, etc.  It's a remarkable product.  The more you learn, the more you'll be amazed at the depth and breadth of things it does for you -- and at how superbly it does them. 

SD-CyberOffice:  This suite of high-tech utilities is designed to dramatically reduce the time spent in telephone communication with customers.  Simultaneously, it makes them happier, and extremely impressed.  It's an expansion of what was, initially, simply a hyper-superb system of on-line scheduling (based in your own website) and initial call-booking.  This new suite offers infinitely more (automated appointment confirmation, re-scheduling, technician tracking, job-status checking, etc.), as you'll see by reviewing our CyberOffice page. 

SD-Mobile:  Running on any full-Windows mobile platform (e.g., a laptop, tablet pc, etc.), this product provides technicians a seamless integrative link with dispatch operations in the office.  The tech simply goes from one job to the next, as directed by this utility.  As he arrives, he checks off his arrival, and checks off his completion when done.  He further enters a real-time report describing his work, parts used from stock, items that need ordered, and moneys collected.  All information flows, automatically, both ways.  The office sees where he's at and what he's done, and he sees additions or cancellations to his schedule, etc.  Of course, he may also print a ticket for the customer.  For more info, click here.   

Turn-Key Websites: When we first offered the CyberOffice suite of services, we found many of our clients faced an impediment against implementation: no website in which the functions could be hosted.  To solve that, we created system by which to setup and host a website for you, with minimal expense and virtually zero effort on your part.  This service is available whether you're otherwise a client or not.     

SD-RevenueBuilder:  If you sell and manage your own service contracts, maintenance agreements, or simply want a system that reminds you to perform COD service for particular clients on a periodic basis, this product is designed to meet all such needs.  It integrates closely with the functions in ServiceDesk, but adds management of those activities that are particularly associated with periodic billing and planned service (link to video; please assure you watch in hi-def, or it may be blurry). 

SD-Dealer:  If, besides servicing, you also sell serialized merchandise (and maintain an inventory of such items), this product is for you (download 20mb video).  

Family of DispatchLink Utilities:  Increasingly, major consumers of service work (such as manufacturers and extended warranty companies) are turning to automation as the method by which to coordinate dispatch and scheduling operations with servicers.  By automation, we mean some means is created by which the large entity's central server is kept apprised of the dates each participating servicer has remaining vacancies for scheduling in a given zip code.  When the large entity's call-taking center needs to schedule service for a consumer, they do it themselves, directly on the servicer's behalf.  The resulting order information is then made available to the servicer (via website login or other means). 

For the large-entity manufacturer or similar organization, the system is great, because so little human effort (on their end) is required.  For the participating servicer, by contrast, it's been somewhat onerous because: (a) each servicer is required (again via website login or other means) to keep the large entity's server informed of vacancy status -- and to keep it updated as vacancies change; and (b) he must also check regularly to see if service requests have been created, and (if so) read the info (via human eyeballs), and type it (via human fingers) into his local management system. 

Our DispatchLink utilities end the pain by fully automating all such aspects of information flow.  Without the servicer lifting a finger (and as an example), our SB-DispatchLink keeps ServiceBench (representing Whirlpool, Electrolux and Mitsubishi, among others) constantly updated on a servicer's vacancy status, and the instant any service request is created, pops all the info perfectly into ServiceDesk.  Our SP-DispatchLink accomplishes the same task for ServicePower (representing G.E., N.E.W. and LG).  Our LG-DispatchLink does it for LG/Zenith. 

EmailDispatchReceiver:  Many servicers receive dispatches from large institutional clients, in particular home warranty companies.  Or, they may employ a live answering service that not only answers the phone, but schedules calls.  Regardless of the source, if you receive dispatch or message information via email, this product is designed to automatically grab such items, parse the relevant text, and plug all information perfectly into a ServiceDesk call-taking form.  The in-between work is eliminated. 

JobStatusUpdater:  This utility is particularly for those servicers that do work for home warranty companies (including, in particular, the leading one in this country) that require regular updates on job status.  It automatically (behind the scenes, and without operator effort at all) satisfies this updating requirement. 

SmartParts:  Solely for appliance servicers, this is a super-fast and easy parts lookup program.   

Significantly, we did not develop the above suite of products to have something to sell.  Everything has been done to address real needs, solve genuine problems, and to meet immediate client requests.  Driven by that imperative, we continue development at a ferocious pace. 

The result is an amazing system. 

Here is a superb promo-video that was produced for us by one of our clients.  After some 13 years in business, it presents the first truly professional-grade marketing we've had.  The primary reason we've not prior had better marketing is because all our real attention goes into the product, which is beyond professional.  Additionally, because the product is so good, we've done superbly with the otherwise somewhat backward marketing that you'll otherwise see here and elsewhere (example of a low-class video as prior created), and we've been so busy servicing the many clients who came along because of the product, marketing has not been issue. 

The primary programmer for our desktop-based products is Glade Ross (company founder and owner), who is a former service company owner himself (Aardvark Appliance Service, San Juan Capistrano, CA).  It was in his former business that Glade first began developing ServiceDesk.  It proved an excellent environment in which to hone the particular set of features and methods that meet the needs -- not to mention convenience -- of genuine service operations. 

We are privileged to have a close cooperating relationship with many industry principals, including manufacturers (Whirlpool, LG, Samsung), trade associations (USA, PSA, PSOCA, OPEA, NESDA), educators (ARI, Fred's Appliance University), information processors (ServiceBench, ServicePower), lookup services (MyPartsHelp) and how-to-repair videos (ApplianceVideo.com). 

As you'll note from the toolbar at left, we have in-depth information, available on this website, for some but not all of our products.  If you want more info, please just call or email.  For detailed pricing, click here.