Rossware Computing, Inc.
a Washington Corporation

Telephone numbers:
360-427-6000 (standard)
800-353-4101 (we pay the toll)
800-353-4310 (fax)
email link:
Physical address:
290 E. Lighthouse Rd
Shelton, WA 98584

Our standard office hours are 6 AM to 5 PM on weekdays, excluding holidays.  We answer the phone directly (no voice-menu trees to navigate), usually within two rings.  We also respond promptly to email inquiries.  If you're a client, our applications include a "Connect for Assistance" feature that initiates an immediate chat connection, with corresponding ability for us to view (and work on) your screen with you. 

Our staffing is as follows:

Glade Ross, President, CEO and Chief Programmer

Josh Smith, our Super Geek, manages IT, in particular our system of servers and cloud hosting

Aaron Pinero, known generally as the "Hawaiian Hottie," heads up our support department, and does superbly

Kenton  Mattos, #2 in support, very calm and supportive, also spearheads SDM-iOS troubleshooting

Drew Funk, #3 in support, is a musician in his off hours, and has the looks to prove it

Matthew Stewart, #4 in support, very earnest and eager to help, always patient

Brent Canfield, manages administrative tasks and, as a master chef, creates and serves to-order lunches to each of us each day

If you are a client and require assistance outside our standard hours, click here