A suite of on-line interactive services to automate
communication between office and consumer

Moving you (finally) to the modern age, these tools will take you from reliance on old-fashioned, person-to-person and voice-based communication to optimized email and internet-based modes, instead.  They'll dramatically drive down personnel costs, while simultaneously enhancing customer convenience and appeal. 

At this time, we've targeted six scenarios for CyberOffice application.  Click on any to demo its function. 

Scenarios: 1 2 3 4 5 6

You should understand, whatever the consumer does on-line, all information flows automatically into ServiceDesk.  There is no need for any work on your end to make it happen.  It's fully, 100 percent automated. 

Please also be aware, this is (virtually) a turn-key system.  We've done all the heavy lifting.  If you want more details about setup and operation, you're welcome to read the handbook we've created for actual users.  If you're interested in cost, here's a rate-sheet.

Don't have a website?  No worry.  We can make that happen, too.